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After 22 years, it was time for AGM to update our offering. The new arrangement with Lee & Associates is very positive, as we will now focus on our core brokerage business and our syndication efforts. While there is some sadness (as with any change), we are excited about this new opportunity which many of you may have heard about by now.

AGM’s brokerage team has joined forces with Lee & Associates Pacific Northwest, forming Lee & Associates’ third Puget Sound area office, to be co-located at AGM’s current Bellevue office just off WA-520. The combined team now has 35 brokers and is growing. AGM’s investment syndication business will continue to operate separately under the AGM brand at the same location.

The President | Principal of Lee & Associates Pacific Northwest office, Jim Bowles, first recruited AGM’s Troy Gessel in 1988 to list and sell commercial real estate at Colliers Macaulay Nicolls. Thirty-three years later, they are partnering once again to increase Lee’s market share in the Pacific Northwest.

While the name on the door and business cards will change, existing phone numbers and our office location will continue to be the same for the near future. Similarly, for all investors who utilize the investor portal, nothing will change; you will be able to access all your financial information as originally provided. AGM Inc will continue under that branding and will continue to raise money for its syndication business. The only noticeable change will be the licensed real estate business, which will be transacted under Lee & Associates.

More announcements to follow as we grow through this new offering, but we are looking forward to celebrating the next 25 years!

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