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AGM INC   |   AGM CAPITAL Syndication Division

A Lot has changed since AGM Incorporated in 1998. Over the decades we have grown and expanded too.

AGM’s approach to commercial real estate investments remains with the same steadfast commitments to investing, managing, and leasing real estate, and now will be driven through its expanded platforms:

AGM Capital: the syndication division of AGM Inc.

Lee & Associates: as of January 1, 2021, the NW office of Lee markets all of AGM Inc’s leasing and Sale activities.

AGM | Phillips: facilitates all property and asset management services, including the current Portfolio assets and third party accounts.


Our goals over the years and specifically these last few years during these challenging times has been to improve our responsiveness and effectiveness of investment, management, leasing and construction. And we are pleased to share with you the new growth and expansion platform.



The Capital site will provide superior one button access, to all your financial and reporting needs. The “Investor Portal” button provides both individual reports by property and an aggregation of your investments on the platform.

Including upon the Capital Site will be access to regular investment market insights, including specific AGM activity and our latest offerings (two of which are included now).


Our commitment remains the same, to align our interests with the partners whether subjective in nature through reporting and financials to quantifiable measures such as equity and lender guarantees.


With careful planning and principled investment comes accelerated growth. For 25 years AGM has followed a specific strategy and delivered accelerated returns and growth.

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