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AGM Capital is a leading syndication firm in the Pacific Northwest, investing capital on behalf of institutional and high-net-worth individuals.  AGM's mission is to build long-term value for investors through methodical stewardship of capital, and a vertically integrated approach to investment brokerage and asset management. 

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Using our local expertise and presence we have created attractive returns for our investors; leading the Puget Sound in commercial real estate investing while making a positive impact on the Pacific Northwest community.  


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In 2009 the city council adopted a new subarea plan in anticipation of the transformation of the formal industrial area into a series of vibrant urban villages with abundant  new green space, businesses, and homes. Sound Transit's east link light rail line is under construction and slated to begin operation in 2023. It will pass through Bel Red, connecting downtown Seattle, Bellevue, and the Overlake area in Redmond. Two stations will be in Bel-Red providing opportunities for transit related development. 

The Spring District is a transit-oriented urban development and neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington that is scheduled for completion in 2028. The development spans from 405 West to 156th East, Bel-Red Road to Northup covering hundreds of acres. 

All who are interested in staying current on the Spring District are encouraged to sign-up for AGM Capital's exclusive Spring Report. 


Investing across key asset classes in commercial real estate, AGM champions the ever-evolving landscape of the Pacific Northwest to build economic growth - that works for everyone. We have helped our community of employees, vendors, and partners move forward and to know that the future is only as strong as what we can achieve together. Our brand and community reflects the Pacific Northwest which continues to be one of the major economic markets in the United States. 

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A Lot has changed since AGM Incorporated in 1998. Over the decades we have grown and expanded too.

AGM’s approach to commercial real estate investments remains with the same steadfast commitments to investing, managing, and leasing real estate, and now will be driven through its expanded platforms.

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The Wealth Report

The insider's resource for everything prime property and investment in the Pacific Northwest



We play a vital role in navigating investors capital growth potential. We uncover and unlock value by identifying rare opportunities with untapped possibility and enhance their asset performance. Fill out the enclosed form to receive more information on syndication and current investment opportunities.

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